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PRESS RELEASE Western Australia, Australia
For Immediate Release
10 December 2006
Contacts: Deborah Dupre’: International Coalition Campaign Coordinator, or, U.S.A. Coordinator: Rick Thomas

International Call for COINTELPRO Victim Testimonies: Secret In-Home Torture Murder

Mounting documentation with hundreds of torture victim testimonies presented to U.S. Congress will expose worst government crimes against humanity since the Nazi Holocaust. Evidence thus far is more shocking than the Church Committee exposure of FBI COINTELPRO (COunterINTELligence PROgram) abuses to silence dissent during the Vietnam War era.

Covert, organized, in-home and community harassment-torture victims globally are urgently called to submit testimonies by January 1st 2007 on basis of, and with regard to pursuing principles and legal precedent in U.S. Congress Select Committee to Study Government Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities: House Resolution 1026 IH to reopen COINTELPRO investigation hearings.

Such exposure sometimes results in more extreme measures against victims and their families including disappearance and murder, a risk that victims are taking to gain a voice; end their torture; and provide greater future protection for their families. Human rights group volunteers are urgently needed to protect and assist these casualties and relations to deliver testimonies to U.S. Congress.

Since 9-11, 2001 New York City mass murder, COINTELPRO operations escalated with support of seven U.S. national and international agencies including covert agent infiltration of virtually every level of society worldwide that co-opt local gangs, youth and adults for criminal “dirty tricks.”

Hallmarks of this crime are: law enforcement refusal to protect victims, investigate, or prosecute; professional break-ins; disrupting progressive social movements by targeting leaders; and covering-up the crime with torture tactics created to appear so unbelievable that “mental illness” is used to discredit targets that complain, or so well-disguised that “mysterious illness” neutralizes them.

Peace workers, environmentalists, human rights advocates, whistle-blowers, scientists, journalists and others are being professionally torture-murdered in their homes and communities: sleep deprivation, poisoning, ritual abuse, break-in/thefts, extreme stalking/surveillance privacy violations, 1st degree workplace mobbing, financial ruin, framings, and military-grade weapon assaults.

Victims are tortured and murdered with deployed military grade weapons described in Air Force Research Laboratory's Munitions Directorate 2001 as Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) - laser, high-power microwave, and particle-beam – initially causing painful, serious, and often untreatable physical damage plus psychological warfare effects similar to POWs and victims of genocide.

Former Representative Cynthia McKinney introduced HRES 1026 to Congress stating about COINTELPRO, “A look back at the Nixon era Tom Charles Houston plan, referred to as ‘fascist’ by Congressional investigators, shows us it is being implemented in full since 9/11. Congress has a responsibility to open oversight hearings into the new abuses as well as their historical context, and to acknowledge and give relief to its victims then and now.”

Over 55 internationally renowned scientists, lawyers, professors, former military intelligence officers, and others representing eight countries united 21 October 2006, “1st World Day to End the Silent Holocaust,” to launch a coalition to halt of this well-hidden form of terrorism.

For further information on writing testimonies, volunteering, or for arranging casualty photographs and interviews, email ICESH at and copy to plus

Physical Tactics: use of a variety of tactics; financial abuse (money or property theft, financial contract breaches, legal fees for frivolous law suits and/or legal malpractice); cyber-stalking (including but not limited to internet spying, email spying and/or intercepting, password theft); privacy invasion (including but not limited to telephone tapping, misdirecting and disconnecting, mail tampering and intercepting); identity theft; forced homelessness; forced refugee status; framings; lethal bullying (organized bullying resulting in death of target); food-tampering, poisoning, drink-spiking; organized bullying (multi-offender lies, threats, intimidation, ridicule, sarcasm and sometimes overt assaults) and Directed Energy Weapons assaults.

Physical Symptoms: Fibromyalgia (severe pain in muscles and a host of other symptoms); Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS); Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) (hypersensitivity to chemical exposure); other mysterious “Environmental” Diseases” and unidentified illnesses or symptoms, induced heart attacks and strokes, induced cancer, sudden onset of blindness, skin burns and sleep deprivation; severe headache; extreme fatigue; skin and lung problems; sleeping disorders; general weakness; allergies and intolerances to chemicals, odours and foodstuffs; and tinnitus, (nuisance hearing of sounds).

Psychological Tactics: use of a variety of tactics; persecution (organized, multi-offender induced discrimination and harassment including frequent ridicule and sarcasm); discrediting (organized vicious rumours such as false accusations of mental illness, drug use, sexual deviancy, etc.); vigilante harassment (organized lies, threats, or bribery to coerce community to harass, alienate, and isolate target); organized stalking: (multi-offender “cause” or “terrorist” stalking including ongoing extremist tactics such as kept under surveillance, house break-ins, theft, moving of property, vandalism, discrediting, disruption of work; animal killings); ritual abuse (brutal abuse of children, adolescents, and adults, consisting of repeated physical, sexual, and psychological abuse over extended period, terrorisation, brainwashing/mind control often with electronic devices and drugs to create multiple personality or psychoses so victim is unconscious of behaviour, always with threats and fear as main controlling factor); gaslighting (extremist tactics such as moving of property and lies); 1st degree workplace mobbing (organized multi-offender workplace bullying, harassment, and coerced firing); discrediting (vicious rumours, disruption of work, gaslighting at work-station, employer coerced to fire target, set-ups at work); sleep deprivation (single or multi-offender induced fear and/or electromagnetic terrorizing at night to awaken, keep awake, or induce insomnia); intimidation and threats (ongoing comments to produce fear and trauma possibly including death threats).

Psychological Effects: mental injury (a natural response to unnatural events); Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (trauma resultant of abuse, torture and war); mind control with Directed Energy Weapon Effects (including sudden change in character such as becoming severely hostile, psychopathic, or suicidal, hearing voices or commands from synthetically contrived voice transmission techniques and sleep deprivation); misdiagnosed stigmatising mental illness; revictimization; Depression; and Suicide.

An untold number of targets are unaware that they are victims of COINTELPRO style abuse and/or non-consensual human research. They do not attribute their ongoing bad luck; mishaps; animal killings; or mysterious, untreatable, disabling “environmental” diseases to covert operatives using old COINTELPRO tactics plus new weapons of war to terrorize, neutralize, and prevent resisting the treatment.

Together, these professional, well-orchestrated intrusions induce excruciating pain, exhaustion, terror, alienation, and sometimes result in violent behaviour against self or others – eventually, one way or another, “neutralizing” and killing the target.

Most targets that are aware of the crime use terms “mind control” and “non-consensual human experimentation.” Below is one of thousands of articles written about these crimes.

Mind Control & Microwaves

TETRA System- Feb 5th, 2001

The new Home Office microwave system called TETRA is to be the mainstay of British police force communications and will be placed in every major population centre. The British Government is spending 2 1/2 billion pounds on a 400 MHz pulse modulated microwave transmitter network which broadcasts 17.6 Hz into the brains of all Britain's police and anyone living near the planned 30,000 transmitters.

The first place these transmitters will be deployed is Glastonbury, Somerset. The effects of these transmitters, which entirely duplicate CIA research in optimal mind-control technology, are;

1. Destruction of short and long-term memory by disrupting calcium reflux from synapses, due to the effect of 17.6 Hz ELF.
2. Disruption of synaptic neural networks, leading to behavioural and character changes.
3. manic behaviour, followed by nervous exhaustion after use, or exposure.
4. Disruption of higher brain function, leading to the so called 'zombification'.
5. Enhanced suggestibility.
6. The development of pre-cancerous cells, which can lead to long-term tumour growth.
7. Effects on the Limbic System, leading to emotional and behavioural modification.
8. ELF frequency in the TETRA system strongly affects calcium ions, causing them to efflux out of brain cells due to psychotron resonance.

Since these ions are the chief factor in long and short term potentiation of synapses, the braincell junctions, and are crucial to memory and cognition. Use of the TETRA system on such a scale could cause irreversible brain damage by disturbing not only calcium ions but sodium and potassium ions, all vital to nerve and brain function.

The TETRA system will also flood the New York and London Underground, so commuters will regularly be exposed to behavioural modification during Rush Hour. Source: TV CH4 News, UK

Note: UK Green Party, particularly Carolyn Lucas MP, has been active in exposing this crime and passing legislation to halt it.



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DDD if you want people to provide their private life stories then I do suggest you at least treat them with some basic respect.

Please delete the thread I began on the 6th and that will be the end of it.

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Grow towards the light.

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TO ALL: Whistleblowers, People of Colour, Alternative Media, Journalists, Human Rights and Peace Workers, Environmentalists, Animal Activists, & Dissidents

Re: Cynthia McKinney’s H.R.1026 to reopen investigation of COINTELPRO

Before her departure from Congress, Rep. Cynthia McKinney introduced a resolution (H.R.1026) calling for a new investigation of COINTELPRO abuses. Although this Resolution was not brought to a vote, immediately exposing the growing violence now being perpetrated silently against all dissidents is a matter of major importance to all of who value rights to freedom and democracy (detailed in the U.S. First Amendment).

We are working with a retired attorney and vast number of other experts in their fields who will be asking that the McKinney resolution be introduced again and brought to a vote. For this purpose, we are engaged in a major letter writing campaign. We need a letter from you stating your experience and/or knowledge of COINTELPRO activities today. (SAMPLE LETTER BELOW this Notice)

Many journalists and public figures are now experiencing COINTELPRO atrocities. This figure is growing every day. These atrocities consist of many forms of threats and heinous crimes perpetrated for unlawful purpose of "neutralizing" dissidents to prevent them from opposing the nefarious agenda of corporations or corrupt government groups. COINTELPRO operations are being covertly perpetrated on most Whistleblowers, Alternative Media, Journalists, Human Rights and Peace Workers, Environmentalists Animal Activists, Dissidents and many people of colour globally in an effort to silence Truth.

COINTELPRO classic methods of repression include:
~ Invasive, covert, malicious and illegal 24/7 surveillance of personal relationships, telephone calls, email, banking, finances, proprietary business clients, contracts and sources.
~ Stalking, intimidation & threats (not by independent criminal groups but by those federally subsidized by the U.S. government)
~ Death threats
~ Attempted murder; including but not limited to staged car accidents, heart attacks or strokes, poisoning, fixing of vehicle brakes, etc.
~ Invasive, covert, malicious and illegal entry of a Residence and/or Office where important documents, files or personal valuables are stolen or destroyed; some objects usually moved; and/or items like human excrement left to further add to the threat and brazen intimidation.
~ Calculated destruction of any private property, including but not limited to livestock, pets and vehicles.
~ Workplace Mobbed including well-orchestrated ganging-up to harass, discredit, and force out of workplace and workforce for life
~ Secret campaign to cause total financial demise
~ Local Police participation and cover-ups; assaults, harassment, threats & burglaries. This includes but is not limited to entrapment and planting false evidence.
~ Discrediting campaign within community among neighbours, friends, workmates and relatives.
~ Interception, delay and sabotage of mail and packages via Postal Service, private courier (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc)
~ Cooperation by local businesses: Time/Warner Cable and other business vans and vehicles are continuously used as fronts for surveillance and other nefarious activities. (Other private organizations that stand to gain will participate – many businesses are fronts disguised as legitimate businesses.)

Historically, COINTELPRO operations have been used for political repression and are now attacking environmentalists; whistleblowers; individuals in all areas of alternative media including radio and TV hosts; investigative reporters and journalists; civil and human rights and peace workers; animal activists, etc.

The last major congressional investigation of COINTELPRO operations was conducted in 1976-78 by the Church Committee. A sham cover-up investigation of the 1981-85 COINTELPRO war against CISPES was conducted by the Senate Intelligence Committee in 1989. Despite a continuous flow of complaints to congress, there has been no congressional investigation of COINTELPRO crime and harassment since 1989. You can read the Church Committee reports at Horrifying as these reports were, they failed to produce any effective legislation. Nor did they produce any prosecutions of proven criminals within the Justice Department. All of them returned to their life of government crime. COINTELPRO operations have thus continued to the present.

As a guide, we are providing a SAMPLE LETTER below (that includes an attorney’s real experiences) as a suggested writing format. Your contribution can be a very short statement of your experiences or whatever length you choose, but it is very important that professionals who are victims of COINTELPRO repression, submit personal experiences with COINTELPRO horrors. Please take a stand now to demand restoration of our full First Amendment rights. The longer we wait, the more dangerous will be our living conditions.

The McKinney resolution was a major step forward in the struggle to regain constitutional rights that have, for all practical purposes, been taken from us as a result of 50 years of secret COINTELPRO wars against the First Amendment and against journalists and activists who sought to exercise their constitutional rights. With Cynthia McKinney and the media, we will have an opening to show the connection between COINTELPRO and the government’s present assaults also using silent but deadly, electromagnetic /DEW weapons.

We will be sending these letters to Cynthia McKinney and all members of the House Judiciary and the House Intelligence Committee. We will provide names and email addresses later.

This project is facilitated under supervision of a retired attorney who has been a target of continuous COINTELPRO operations since 1954. The attorney is available as a confidential source of information. Please email:, or If you do not receive a reply, it means the email has been sabotaged. Keep trying. He will disclose full information about his background and experience with the understanding that identifying information is not to be published.

SAMPLE LETTER Based on Real Experiences
The Hon. John Doe
House of Representatives
Washington , DC
Dear Rep. Doe:
I am writing in support of Cynthia McKinney’s HR1026 and am demanding the immediate and uncompromised investigation of COINTELPRO operations today. These illegal forms of government agency pre-meditated assaults and crimes are running rampant today.
And our personal experiences are proof that the barbarity of COINTELPRO lives on today in forms even more vile and destructive than what the Church committee uncovered and is now being perpetrated to silence any dissent. Note too, the COINTELPRO methods that we are documenting demonstrate capabilities that could only belong to an intelligence agency which is Federally funded and has obtained state-of-the-art weaponry.
(SAMPLE) Here is a summary of our personal COINTELPRO experiences:

Illegal Access to Our Mail: Interception of our most important letters coming and going; long delays in delivery; and tampering with contents of our mail. We have written dozens of letters of complaint and made dozens of oral complaints about 14 years of mail interference. These postal crimes are committed with consent of postal officials.

Illegal Access to Shipments via UPS, Federal Express, etc., without leaving any evidence of opening the packages.

Ability to enter our apartment and cars at any time. We continually see evidence of illegal entries to harass and threaten, not investigate. To let us know that someone has been in our apartment, things are moved from one place to another; cigarette butts and chewing gum are dropped on the floor; human excrement was once left in a waste paper basket. Items having great personal value to us and no value to anyone else are stolen. Evidence and documentation of harassment activities are stolen. We recently discovered the theft of approximately 40 VHS cassettes taping from C-SPAN of House and Senate Judiciary hearings relating to the FBI. Our medications have been openly tampered with and sometimes undetectably altered to produce very noticeable effects. Marcia was taking a medication just before going to bed. Sometimes she couldn’t sleep all night. Other times she slept so soundly that she had difficulty awaking on time to get to work and felt drowsy all day. Same thing was happening to her dog. Sometimes the dog stayed awake all night walking around the bedroom. Other nights the dog was so unconscious that Marcia could not awaken it, and it continued to sleep through the morning. I was sometimes drugged unconscious just after drinking from an open beverage in the refrigerator. Twice I was taken to the emergency room because of apparent poisoning. The FBI budget $23 million in 1993 for r&d to enable it "to defeat modern electronics-based locking systems and the largest multi-laser technologies." Now you know what they have been using the money for. Any lock that we can put on an apartment door is useless. Our tax dollars are used to pay for the development of state-of-the-art government burglary technology to be used in committing crimes against us.

Ability to know things that we say or do within the "privacy of our home" by means of electronic surveillance devices: This has been proven to us by surveillance operations --possible only through a knowledge of what we say out loud in our apartment and an ability to find things of personal value which we have hidden in places that would normally take hours to find. They steal and are gone in an instant. We know that they have been there when we return and find something missing that was there minutes earlier. They could only do this by having surveillance equipment to tell them when we are away. They show us that they are able to watch us in every room at any hour of the day or night.

Ability to keep our phones tapped and to hear our conversations on calls from pay phones: They have demonstrated this capability by arranging assaults requiring use of information that could only be obtained by hearing our phone calls. It makes no difference if we go to a pay phone. The FBI has the capability to tap pay phones instantly. No court order is needed for this or for any other illegal act. The FBI does whatever it has the technological capability to do. It has never been concerned about the illegality of its acts because there has never been anyone to investigate or prosecute its crimes. We get frequent threatening phone calls. Changing numbers doesn’t help. Having Pacific Bell put on a three-week phone trap stops the harassing calls for those three weeks. As soon as the trap is taken off, the harassing calls resume. The harassers know when the trap is put on and taken off.

Availability of unlimited numbers of people to threaten and intimidate us in various ways: For years they openly followed us. When we went to a deserted park area to have a picnic, one person after another came to settle at a point near us until they had us surrounded in a circle. No one else was in sight, but we were surrounded. Every time we went to a coffee shop, someone with a book would come to sit at a table within earshot, order coffee, and pretend to read. This routine was repeated continuously for months to make it appear that we were always under surveillance. If we went to a pay phone, someone would come to stand close enough to hear what we were saying. This was a blatant show of false surveillance purely for intimidation. We never saw the same person twice. They showed us that they had an unlimited number of people and funding available to keep repeating the same assaults.

Local Police participation: Local police have traditionally done whatever the FBI has asked them to do. For years, we saw police cars always present wherever we went. When Marcia was living alone in West Hollywood, police cars followed her openly and obtrusively on the streets. She took some Polaroid photos of the cars and took a photo showing a police car license number to the police station to complain about police harassment. The next time that she went to the park where she often walked her dog, approximately 10 police cars showed up and parked just outside the park. Soon afterward, the Polaroid camera and the photos of police cars were stolen from Marcia’s apartment. West Hollywood police gave me a ticket for parking on a hill without my wheels curbed. I saw several other cars parked without their wheels curbed but with no tickets. I kept the ticket and later started to write a letter complaining about discriminatory ticketing as police harassment. I intended to enclose a copy of the ticket, but before I could finish the letter, the ticket was stolen from the apartment. When Marcia was living alone in the Wilshire area, four police officers awoke her in the middle of the night by pounding loudly on her apartment door. They claimed to be looking for someone at her apartment number but at a different street address which did not exist. One night when I was alone in my apartment, I went to the living room window to look out. Just as I got to the window, lights on a car outside were turned on with high beams pointed toward my window on the second floor. It was a police car. Police refused to investigate our reports of continuous burglaries.

Ability to obtain cooperation by employees of private business organizations to cooperate or cover for their intimidation and threats: The FBI has unlimited funds to pay anyone to do anything – including illegal aliens. They can get self-serving businesses to cooperate.

Ability to alienate friends and relatives through false accusations or false evidence used to create false negative beliefs about us: Friends and relatives suddenly broke off long relationships for no apparent reason or for reasons that made no sense. They even tried to destroy my relationship with Marcia by planting legal documents harmful to me with our signatures forged on them.

Although we cannot prove responsibility of a specific federal agency or of specific government officials, we know that our experiences are typical of the COINTELPRO forms of crime and harassment which were originally developed and carried out by the FBI developed under J. Edgar Hoover and which this agency has been using for more than 50 years against millions of innocent citizens.
Sincerely yours,
(Your signature and email address)

Government repression and violence against journalists and activists will increase unless we support Cynthia McKinney and demand congressional investigation and remedies to bring it to a halt. NOW. We must take an immediate stand before we lose more and before it is too late to recover the losses.

**Please PASS THIS ALONG and publicize this request for documentation and invite your colleagues and readership to join in supporting it with their personal statements.
These statement are of great importance in expressing the serious need for congressional investigation of the COINTELPRO atrocities of today to expose the growing violence being perpetrated silently against all Dissidents.

Thank you for contributing to this project of major importance to the personal future of all of us and to the future of our country. We look forward to hearing from you.

L. Oliver

Learn more. For updates and other information about COINTELPRO,
See www.freeweb/

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DDD thankyou for deleting that post in another thread which I later learnt could cause me and my family further serious trouble from an official local group I mentioned in it.

If you like you can delete my post of December 12th as well. I only posted in this thread out of emergency concerns anyway.


Grow towards the light.


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I have had the distinct pleasure of being involved in two Human experimentation projects. One in new windsor and the other in Leroy/Caledonia areas of NY. I was poisoned by aqua Tofana in both areas. I have documentation that it is happening. I have been covertly surveilled since 1999 when I turned in a Ny Supreme Court Judge for Kidnapping my step son with no investigation and a police report that was not filed through the dept.

Unknowingly at the time we were living in an area that was being tested as part of the Manhattan project. We had 17 years of illnesses.

I am trained to expose internal and external threats that can lead to losses in companies hopefully before they happen by ROI Consulting a 100+ company. The gift of a prophet.

We were poisoned in 2001 and I could not work construction any more. DSS did a career test survey on me and it was determined the best career choice for me was Investigative reporter. Due to their oedipus syndrome they monitored and harrassed us hard to their own demise. God has his hand on me and our family. I wrote a paper on Human Experimentation in College in April 2012 and was expelled after I busted Navy Intelligence and harassment occurring in my class. The same week Alison Young from USA Today came out with an investigative report on Lead poisoning in over 200 communities nationwide. They linked ADHD to Heavy metal Toxicity which makes it a medical Illness and not mental illness. 14 states are taking action and Senate Judiciary hearings are being called for.

She won an AP Associated Press award in July.

It supported my paper that Human Research is being done and they are changing the names of illnesses to make it more therapeutic at the community level.

They have attacked my family for years financially, physically and emotionally.

I sent this documentation to the Norwegian Consolate. Hillary was in Norway on Memorial day weekend. My father was a hero in WWII and there is an island in norway named after our family. We have a long history of trusting God and being yielded vessels.

They have tried taking me out on at least three occassions. The enemy will set a snare for you and they will fall into the pit. I need to send you the docs I have.

Having grown up in Washingtonville NY (named after George Washington) and lived in Newburgh NY The home of George Washington during the revolution 1775-83) on Washington Terrace, I believe I am walking in the same annointing of George.

I have survived chemical poisoning at least two times and microwave weapons.





Paul Koksvik
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